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The 100 Miles a Month - 14 Day Challenge
Join The “100 Miles a Month 14 Day Challenge” and Improve Your Horse's Focus, Relaxation and Confidence in New and Scary Places in Just 14 Days! 
The “100 Miles a Month - 14 Day Challenge” is now open!
Improve your horse's confidence, relaxation and focus with this inspiring horsemanship challenge!
Spending time building focus and relaxation with your horse
is what really matters.. 
Did you ever wish that your horse was more focused on you - rather than everything else that is going on?  
Would you like your horse to braver, and better able to deal with unexpected things happening when you are together - on the ground and when riding?  
When you are doing groundwork, does your horse push into your personal space?
Do you find it difficult with being a calm steady leader, when your horse has a sudden increase in energy levels?
When you face a scary situation with your horse do you worry how your horse will cope with it? 
Do you wish you had a group of inspiring friends who treated their horses with kindness and thoughtfulness like you do?
Horse's nature make them naturally suspicious and worried of new or scary things. In the last it's how they stayed alive. But having a nervous horse, or a horse who is pushy or has high energy on the ground, can be scary and frightening for us humans. 

But when we focus truly understanding a horse, and working with him in a way that is considerate and fair, to develop confidence, relaxation and focus - at all speeds - in all locations - it can really change our lives

And when you understand that your horse's health, relaxation and happiness means the world to you, and you decide you want to learn ways to allow you to work WITH your horse... then suddenly some wonderful opportunities can open to you.,..  

Hi. I’m Elaine Heney. 
I live in rural Ireland. And two years ago I bought a young, un-started Irish Sports bay mare called Matilda, at the sales in Kilkenny. 

She is wonderful and loves to learn... but like many horses that haven't had a lot of experience, she struggled with confidence issues - on the ground and in the saddle. 
I wanted to find a simple method that I could use to build up her relaxation levels in new places, and grow her confidence. But I wasn't sure where to start. 

So here’s what I did. 

I wrote an email to my friend Steve Halfpenny, and asked him what he would recommend for Matilda and I. He replied.. 

"Elaine, you should definitely do the 100 miles a month exercise!". 

Well - I had never heard of it! So Steve explained the 100 mile process which I needed to follow. 

And last November Matilda and I started our 100 miles a month challenge. 

All I can say is the difference just after a few days was HUGE!!

In a couple of days, Matilda grew in confidence in new places (like our side paddocks and our sometimes scary pond field) and not only that... she loved going on our walks and it really helped our connection & relationship together improve greatly. 
100 Mile A Month Challenge... 

And it's not only Matilda and I that it has worked for.. Steve has taught this challenge to many of his students worldwide and it's been amazing to see how well it can work for all horses.

"During the 100 miles a month challenge, I noticed how much calmer both my horses were becoming each day and we were able to expand the areas we went into." Mary, Australia. 

The 100 Miles exercise is an invaluable tool. It is a great way to improve our relationship, fitness, confidence, and I really felt a real sense sense of achievement" Jackie, UK

Could this challenge help more horses and owners around the world?
While I was doing the 100 miles with Matilda, I realised how many horses and riders this groundwork challenge could help...

So I asked Steve would he consider teaching an online version of this challenge, so that it was accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection. 

I was so happy he said yes! So together Steve and I have created a one-of-a-kind training called, the “100 Miles a Month - 14 Day Challenge.” This is the opportunity I wish I had at the beginning with Matilda, when I was struggling to find the way forward with her. 

This is a 14 day online challenge, that will work for you no matter what age, breed or type of horse you have. This challenge contains only groundwork exercises, and it's perfect also when you only have limited time to spend with your horse. 

Each day you will get a daily online practical lesson and challenge to complete. All of these 100 mile lessons are fun to do and will help your horse to develop beautiful manners on the ground, increase your horse's focus on you, and improve your horse's confidence and relaxation in all situations. 

At the end of two weeks, your horse will be more focused and confident both in his normal home and in new places, and be less likely to walk into you when you are leading him.

You will be feeling more relaxed and confident also, and you'll have met lots of new friends in our new online 100 Miles facebook community

Although this is not a riding challenge, your ridden work will also have improved hugely, as now your horse is more relaxed, they will find it much easier to learn and understand you cues in the saddle. 

If you want to know what is the next step for you and your horse, this challenge can save you months (or up to three lifetimes!) of trying to figure it out on your own.

And to inspire you, you will also get a FREE eBook & audio book copy of Steve's Halfpenny  'Building Trust and Softness' PLUS a free copy of episode 1 of the award-winning STEVE TV online show. 

Your investment to join is just $99.

As you’ll see below, the total value of this challenge program is $894 USD.

You get ALL THIS when you join today:
Join The "100 Miles a Month Challenge" Today!
  • What date will this challenge start? This challenge starts now! This challenge is a 100% groundwork challenge. There is no riding requirement. 
  • I'm too busy right now! If you’re not ready to start right now, once you enroll you can watch all the lessons in the future. You can complete the challenge in your own time - on the days that suit you best. You can do each challenge in your own schedule. You also get to keep all the lessons after the challenge. So it doesn't matter if you miss some days (we all have busy lives), or don't start this challenge immediately. 
  • If I purchase now, can I watch the challenge videos later when I have more time? Yes. This is a self-paced challenge. While you will get one new lesson daily for 14 days, you can do these at your convenience. 
  • What currency is the price? The price is USD - American dollars. 
  • ​​Is there a guarantee? Yes. We offer a 'no questions asked'' 10 day money back guarantee. 
  • How many times can I watch these for? You have unlimited access.. If you are not ready to start right now - that's OK! When you purchase the challenge, it will be ready for you when you are ready.
  • What happens if I fall behind? While there is a new training video every day for 14 days, you can complete this challenge in your own time. All the training videos will be available 24/7 to access once they have been published in the challenge. 
  •  Do I need a facebook account for this challenge? The challenge community will be based in facebook. So as the community is an important part of the challenge, I recommend you sign up for a facebook account, just for the duration of this challenge, in case you are not on facebook already. Most people are on facebook and they do have great community and group features.
  • How long are the daily videos? Each challenge video lesson is about 5-10 mins.
  • How long will it take to do the challenge each day? Depending on the day, it will take somewhere between 30 and 60 mins per day. 
  •  What level do I have to be at to do this challenge? This challenge is suitable for all levels. It contains daily groundwork exercises. There is no riding in this challenge. 
  •  Do I need my own horse to do this challenge? You would need access to a horse to complete the daily challenges. 
  •  Do I have to be able to ride my horse for this challenge? No. This is a groundwork only challenge. But when you complete this challenge, your horse will feel much more confident and relaxation when you ride. 
Challenge student reviews:
***100% of all students surveyed would recommend this challenge to a friend***

"My horse's confidence has grown in just 14 days"

"I really enjoyed this challenge with Steve Halfpenny. It's helped me and my horses heaps .I thought it was just about walking the horse - but it's so much more. I learnt how to guide my horse through manoeuvres - forehand turns, hind turns, changing your horses side with ease, and the horse moving around you brilliantly. My horse now looking at me as the leader and their confidence has grown in 14 days. Thanks Steve "

"I liked the clear goals, and that I can do it at my own pace"

"I liked the clear goals and structure and that I can do it at my own pace and re watch the videos. I have found I have honed my goals and focused on what is important through the programme
I have a nokota mare and I live in Sweden. I started walking with my horse last year and am doing quite well. The challenge has clarified for me the importance of being aware of my horse feelings in time, and training me to be more able to help the both of us when things starts to happen. "

"Excellent filming of a clear, thoughtful, gentle horseman"

"This course is well thought out and put together, through excellent filming of a clear, concise, thoughtful, gentle but clear horseman who has great communication skills with horses and people. The challenges are clearly explained and demonstrated, encouraging engagement and supporting the unsure - horses and people - engendering confidence that everyone can benefit and progress, safely. The videos are short but lose nothing for that. The f acebook course group offers further support for those who want it. Overall - of value to everyone from beginner to advanced. "

"I am enjoying my horse again!"

"Steve's programme is a clear and structured way to build confidence and horsemanship. My horse bolted when he saw a cow appear over a hedge. My world shrunk when I lost my confidence. The structure is clear, manageable and enjoyable, enabling me to become a better leader so we can progress again. I am enjoying my horse again and have already recommended the challenge to my friends. Thank you Steve"

"It has give me confidence to go and work with my young pony"

"Thank you for this great challenge. It has helped refresh my mind and give me confidence to go and work with my young pony. This is a great programme for all. Great for people with young horses not yet under saddle and also those under saddle. You are sent short videos and workbook tasks each day for 14 days. I found that some days the pony just got it and other days (wet and windy) you would go back to a previous task and work through it all again. This challenge is really a continuing challenge as I now want to build on what I have practiced and venture into the unknown. " 

"I was amazed with the growth and progress my horse and I achieved"

"All levels and ages can learn more about themselves and the horse by participating in this challenge. I was amazed with the growth and progress my horse and I achieved in just 14 days. It was inspiring to have this caliber of clinician to learn from at home on my own timeline." -USA Jennifer Hustis

"Walking your horse on the trail before riding is a much better way to establish confidence"

"Walking your horse on the trail before riding I believe is a much better way to establish confidence in horse and rider. For me it is very important that the horse is listening to me out on the trial by myself as well as in a group. This challenge has giving me encouragement and good tips how to build a better relationship for a more enjoyable ride out on the trail."

"In 14 days my horse has learned to relax even in scary situations"

"I participated in the 100 Miles a Month-14 Day Challenge with my 23 year old, life-long spooky Morgan, Banner. He works very well within his comfort zones but becomes very anxious and reactive when off home turf. My goal was to be able to safely ride him off our property on the beautiful trail that surrounds our equestrian community. In 14 days Banner has learned to relax even in scary situations when we stop and do the ground work exercises. There has been an additional unexpected benefit. Normally, when I take Banner out of sight, his pasture buddy and brother Hawk starts screaming frantically for him. Naturally this puts Banner on edge. But as we repeatedly disappeared and reappeared Hawk became less anxious and noisy as we went out of his view. Now I am combining groundwork and riding to venture further and further away from home on the trail. So far Banner is more confident and willing or becomes relaxed more quickly if he gets nervous. Best of all, when we turn to head home he walks calmly instead of rushing and Hawk is quietly waiting for him. When we come closer Hawk gives a welcoming whinny and we stop for them to say hello again. When I started this program I thought only one horse was the participant, but in the end both of my boys benefited. Thank you Steve and Elaine. I would recommend this program to anyone."

"The Facebook interaction provided GREAT feedback and motivation!"

"Although this is an on-line course, the Facebook interaction made it feel as if we were all together. Sharing challenges and successes. It provided GREAT feedback and motivation. It's really about so much more than just walking with your horse - but it's the perfect place to start. I more than highly recommend it." USA

"My horse is much more confident out on the trail without another horse"

"I live in New Zealand and after having a few bad accidents on young horses bought a 9 year old standardbred to take over from my 20 year old welsh pony. Being a senior myself I found I was a little worried about riding Fargo as he wasn't very confident in many situations. Steve's course came at a perfect time so instead of riding I walked (with awareness) and found out a lot about my horse and about my relationship with him. Slowing down, being precise in where he was to walk, watching when his comfort zone changed, protecting my personal space and being consistent about not eating grass when his halter was on unless invited has all made a big difference to our relationship. He is much more confident out on the trail without another horse and is learning to trust me more. Seeing that he has really not done anything unsafe in new situations has given me confidence and I am learning to trust him more. The course has been a great help and has set up both up to achieve success in our next step-riding. Thank you Steve and Elaine"

"This challenge shows how to help your horse, and you, to be braver when out of your comfort zone"

"This challenge was easy to follow with the step by step daily program that shows how to help your horse, and you, to be braver when out of your comfort zones."

"If you want to build confidence for both your horse, this is the challenge you have been waiting for and need"

"If you want a connection with your horse and want to build confidence for both your horse and you then this is the challenge you have been waiting for and need. I'm in Australia and I have a young horse - at one point I was walking him back to his yard when he got all freaked out because other horses were running around - this freaked me out and shook my confidence a bit. Since taking on the 100 miles a month challenge we have both grown together - he is more confident with me and I am feeling more confident with my young horse. We are at the beginning of developing a partnership. This challenge gives you a purpose and is easy to do - just follow Steve's instructions. Highly recommend this challenge."

"The challenge was great in encouraging you to spend time with your horse"

"The challenge was great in encouraging you to spend time with your horse doing groundwork, which is often ignored. Great way for both of you to get in shape! You can see the communication & relationship Steve has with his horse and his calm nature. He inspires you to achieve the same." Canada

"I fully expect the time I invested in this challenge will pay off in our riding!"

"I'm in the southwestern U.S. and highly recommend this challenge! The tools I learned about - including my body, energy and movements - plus the chance to practice using them produced results I could see and feel in my relationship with my horse. Not only will I continue to practice what I learned on the ground; I also fully expect the time I invested here will pay off in our riding!"
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